If you’re familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite then stick to PowerPoint or Publisher. These programmes are intuitive, straightforward to use and excellent posters can be produced using these tools. 

Many university computers have the Adobe Design software installed, such as Illustrator and InDesign. The Adobe programmes can help you achieve a professional look and are powerful graphics tools, but may require more effort to learn and use effectively.

In addition, these programmes can result in large files which can be difficult to manage and print. Information about file saving and sharing can be found under IT essentials

Alternatively, Inkscape is an open-source programme for drawing vector graphics and has a large library of free clipart. Again, this programme may take some time to learn. Poster Genius is software specifically designed for making academic posters. It provides the user with templates and helps streamline the poster production process. However, this software has a cost attached and you may lose some creativity by following a standard template.