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This module contains practical advice about managing pain that will build upon the Essential Pain Management workshop which is part of the Year 4 anaesthetic attachment.
The module covers numerous aspects of pain management so can be looked at 'section by section' or 'as a whole' depending on time constraints.
It is expected that the student should be able to complete:
  1. By the end of Year 4, the "student cases" in the acute pain, the chronic non-cancer pain and the cancer pain sections.
  2. By the end of Year 6, the Safe Practice clinical reasoning examples (in Safe Opioid Prescribing).


Our main message in this resource is:
Not all pain is the same – careful assessment of pain leads to the correct management

Learning outcomes

After you have worked your way through this resource, you should be able to :

  • Recognise that a person has pain
  • Assess the pain
  • Treat by using both non-drug and drug modalities appropriately


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