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This tutorial focuses on finding information on management theory, company reports and accounts, statistics, standards and patents for ENGGEN 303 Management for Engineers. 

Techniques learnt here can be applied to any research topic.

Benjamin Smaill (Criterion Business Innovation Manager) with students on projects at Criterion: Camile Cowley, Kai-Ann Teh, Marielen Schoen (AUT), Xin Yi Wong, Peter Luk, Manuel Seidel and Richard Cross.

Case study

You are a student working atCriterion Furniture, reporting to the Business Innovation Manager.  
Criterion is carrying out a life cycle inventory analysis on their products and processes.  
They use polystyrene for packaging their products. This ends up in landfills and has an impact on the environment. 

It is your job now to find out if is this is really a problem and if there are viable alternatives to its use as packaging.

Criterion specialises in creating environments in the home and office which work for their customers. Among its best-selling ranges are home entertainment centres, computer workstations and office furniture.

Note: You need Flash software installed on your PC to play the videos in the tutorial. You can download the Flash software from the link here.

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