Finding standards

Finding standards

What is a standard?

"It is a document that establishes a rule or measure (either minimum or optimum) for quality or level of performance. A standard can be produced and/or adopted by national standards organizations, professional associations or societies, international standards organizations, or private companies." (University of Washington Engineering Library website)

For New Zealand standards, go to the New Zealand Standards Online database. You may legally print one copy for your studies.

Click to play this video (8MB, 01:26 mins) and see how to search New Zealand Standards Online

For British standards, consult The Catalogue or ask at the Engineering Library's front desk.

For ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, consult The Catalogue. Some of these may be the same as New Zealand or British standards, so ask a librarian. 

For ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) standards go to the ASTM Standards database.

To find a standard in The Catalogue either search by number or keyword.  For instance, searching for 12048 as a keyword will retrieve the standard BS EN ISO 12048:2001 or searching for packaging AND standard AND iso by keyword will find the ISO packaging standards in the Library. 

The Engineering Library has a Standards Databases page on its website listing standards sources by country and type.

Activity: Drag and Drop

Using The Catalogue, drag the numbered standards to the end of their matching titles. Click Evaluate when done.