Finding company reports

Finding Company Reports

Many companies' annual reports may be found on their websites.These websites may also give you a great deal of other useful information including financial information on the company ,  best practices and commitment to sustainability.

Here are two very useful University of Auckland Library webpages:

Company guide: New Zealand company information

Company guide: International company information

Look at the local and international companies’ websites below and answer the following questions:

Check Haworth-Asia’s Sustainability Position Statement. To which ISO standard does this firm have a global commitment?
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ISO 14001

Using the Annual Report 2011 of the Packaging Council of New Zealand, what was the theme of the 2011 Environmental Packaging Awards?

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On the Right Track

Look at Fonterra's policy on sustainability and find out  the average amount of cardboard and plastic per month in tonnes that previously would have gone to landfill.

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180 and 65 tonnes